Welcome to RE/MAX Professional Rental Management

Vancouver Rental Property ManagementFew landlords in Metro Vancouver will admit that the job is stress-free. The hassles of marketing, leasing and accounting, not to mention maintenance and repairs can often be overwhelming. At RE/MAX Professional Rental Management we help eliminate the stress of being a landlord by handling all the details for you. We’ve been managing rental homes, townhouses and apartments here for almost four decades and to say we know the intricacies of the industry is an understatement. When you put us to work, not only will we reduce your stress, we’ll endeavour to maximize your revenue and safeguard your investment. Here are just some of the benefits of working with RE/MAX Professional Rental Management:

We Determine the Optimum Rental Rate

The rental rate we recommend is based on a thorough evaluation of your property and analysis of comparable properties in your area. The result is a figure that’s fair and acceptable to both parties.

Widespread Exposure

Our marketing team incorporates a wide range of traditional and new media to expose your property to the maximum number of potential tenants.

Thorough Applicant Screening

Hassle-free renting starts with reliable tenants. Our screening process (which includes credit/employment checks and consultation with previous landlords) digs below the surface to avoid potential problems. Yes, we do evictions, but with the right screening, you probably won’t need one.

Accounting and Administration

Keeping the books can be one of a landlord’s biggest headaches. We handle all of that for you, including providing you with all the necessary monthly statements. We also coordinate the tenant move-in and the execution of a tenancy agreement in compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act to protect your rights.

Complete Maintenance and Repairs

We don’t need to tell you that ongoing maintenance is a huge part of managing any property. At RE/MAX Professional Rental Management we have a team available 24/7 to handle general maintenance issues, repairs and tenant emergencies.